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What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition

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A reel i managed to make of the finished fully working rig for our second year film . Thanks to Lecturer Mark Wallman for helping out with certain technical issues which were encountered halfway .

Critique and or suggestions welcome as always .

For our second year film you can follow this link where we will be posting the final film by the 6th of May and possibly pre-updates : http://3dhit.co.uk/i...600#entry295487


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Hey there! Very nice rig, especially for a second year. You should be very proud :D. I'd watch some of your skinning- it looks a little blotchy in places, and needs a bit of smoothing. Also with the pole vectors on the legs, most of the time -for at least for me as an animator - i wouldn't have them follow the legs, and have them just on the world movement - or else have it able to toggle on/off. Speed your video up next time! Also, care when you're adding attributes - i usually only go from -10 to 10 as a scale, because although you think it'll give you move fine tuning, it's actually just a pain in the ass to have to keep scroling across the page to get to the extremes of the post. Looks like your indiviual back feathers could use controllers too. And it might be worth thinking of detatching the GUI from the head, and instead having it on it's on camera. This way, you can tear it off and it's always at the right angle to you. If not just parent a camera to it XD, might make things easier.


Right that's it from me for now! Good luck. Looks like an awesome rig, you shouldn't have any problems :) 



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Not working on anything great at the moment, currently working on blocking this bust within ZBrush as I've never really done hardsurface into organic sculpting. 



I'm hopefully going to retopologise and mess with the crease tool to get some nice hard edges. 



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I'm still working on trying to find my feet with 3D sculpting. Just finished my first proper sculpt and I'm now working on getting another face study started. Still lots and lots to learn though!



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